Gappsi Cabana Designers & Contractors on Long Island

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Gappsi Cabana Designers & Contractors on Long Island

Are you looking for a cabana on Long Island? Gappsi offers the design & installation of cabanas, bungalows, gazebos, awnings and porticos for both commercial and residential use throughout Long Island, NY. These structures are a great visually appealing design element to any private or public outdoor entertaining area, creating a focus within the space as well as the functional aspect of providing shade and defense against mother nature’s temperamental climate. Poolside cabanas offer protection and comfort from the sun and is the perfect spot for lounge chairs and additional seating. Cabanas can be built as temporary structures which are easy to move and rearrange in public places, or as a stand alone permanent structure. The frame can be made from a combination of various materials depending on your preference, including wood, stone, steel, and aluminum. The roof can be made from a cloth material for a modern sophisticated style or a thatched material to create a more unique & indigenous look, it could even match the existing roofing of your home. All construction and installation was completed by our highly skilled Gappsi Group team members; Giuseppe Abbrancati, Vincent D’Accolti, Curt Cardillo, and Jason Chierchie.

To partner with Gappsi on your next project please contact us at 631-543-1177, or to learn more about Gappsi products and services please visit

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