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Gappsi is a 3 generation construction company dating back to 1940. Giuseppe Abbrancati
Is a third generation mason, 33 related Abbrancati are affiliated to the construction industries. The Abbrancati family comes from a long line of mason’s-craftsman. In Italy Giuseppe Abbrancati was born on November 21 1966 in a small town in the region of Calabria in the southern part of Italy called belvedere spinello in the province of Crotone. Giuseppe was working on job sites from the early age of 7 years old the Abbrancati family built the majority of the town’s residences, private and commercial. The Abbrancati family of masons also built the entire cemetery including mausoleums, marble monuments and plaques. Giuseppe Abbrancati went to school from 7:30 to 12:30 Monday through Fridays. Every afternoon after school Giuseppe joined his father on job sites working until dark. Being a little kid Giuseppe took the job as a game, challenging him to do more and more every day as a mater of fact they would even bet to see who could lay the most stones or who could stucco the walls faster or lay blocks for walls, this was a game that was played every day. At the age of 14 years old, in seventh grade Giuseppe stopped going to school and became a full time employee of the Abbrancati construction company. At the age of 16 Giuseppe felt the need to move on to a bigger city for more of a challenge, the little town jobs were to repetitive and presented no challenge to Giuseppe’s vast knowledge and experience. Giuseppe moved 1000 miles away from belvedere spinello to the metropolis of Milano the fashion capitol of the world.

Giuseppe had no problem adapting to the new challenges in the big city, it was like a life long dream come true.

Construction in Milano was more advanced, more machinery was available and the jobs required less man labor. Giuseppe was always interested in doing new jobs but all ways within the construction field it was never about finding a job that paid more money, as a matter of a fact in some situations Giuseppe worked for less money only to experience and learn every aspect and technique of building. In Milano Giuseppe worked as a carpenter ,building block walls, building concrete walls, installing rebar’s for reinforced concrete, building spiral concrete staircases, building concrete roofs ,installing of ceramic and granite tile flooring for indoors, finishing stucco for indoor and outdoor applications, crane operator and excavator and back hole drivers, Giuseppe’s life long experience’s in the construction industry is unparalleled from a very early edge Giuseppe was introduced to the construction field making masonry construction a carrier. The last thing that Giuseppe would experience was the installation of interlocking concrete pavers. Giuseppe fell in love with the installation of pavers; on a job site Giuseppe was working building cement block walls creating petitions to divide a parking garage in to private single car garages. A crew of paving stone installers was building the driveway with red pavers and charcoal pavers as a border also inlaying 2 stripes of charcoal in the middle of the driveway to indicate the path for the cars coming in and going out. I would say that is were Giuseppe’s love for paving stone installation began. That was in1984 and he has been installing pavers for the past 25 years and still to this day. Paving stone installation triggered Giuseppe’s imagination to create large scale layouts. What kept Giuseppe from looking for other challenges? The endless possibilities of paving stone installations, there are no limits to how creative and expressive you’re designing ideas can be. Even today Giuseppe feels he has yet to conquer the full aspect of the paving stone designing and installation. As Giuseppe became older, and that is at the age of 20 the challenges were still growing for Giuseppe and he felt he had reached a point in his life were his career had become limited and wanted to explore new territories.

Giuseppe immigrated to the USA in 1987, at this time there were only 10 manufactures of paving stones in the entire North America verses almost 1000 in 2009. Giuseppe found that paving stones were just starting to get popular in this country, a few months later Giuseppe saw paving stones in a mason supply yard in Kings Park at 180 town line road at all island mason supply. This was all island’s first year in business, Giuseppe met with Mike Nasti the president of all island mason supply a friendship was born. Giuseppe bought an old red pickup truck and went on soliciting swimming pool companies for referrals for pool patios installations.

Tony Bosco of Carefree Pools in Huntington N.Y. gave Giuseppe his first pool patio job referral. Back at that time long islanders were using a lot of clay bricks for patios like the Glen-Gary chambersberg chamferred and the Glen-Gary jersey shell. Paving stones were a new product and people were skeptical. The first large scale project that Giuseppe installed with paving stones was on village hill road in Manhasset. The costumers name was Anna Kenger, the stones that were used were the multicolor cobblestones with a double border of charcoal Holland stones manufactured by Grinnell. It was April 1988 Giuseppe was in the USA for 9 months and from that job Giuseppe went on building paving stones driveways, walkways, patios, pool patios, copings and concrete manufactured retaining walls .

Giuseppe made many associates while working and gained experience with swimming pools and landscaping. Giuseppe’s very intense life long career of installing pavers morphed into a designing power for creating functional layouts of poolscapes and hardscape. Multi level backyards create very intricate designs with paving stone installations. As paving stones became more and more popular, more manufactures of paving stones opened for business and that is how the industry grew in 1993. Nicolock opened their first manufacturing plant in Lindenhurst, Babylon long island. Giuseppe learned of this local manufacture and tide friendship with the Nicolia family Giuseppe became a household name in the Nicolock paving stone manufacture company. Giuseppe installed the very first paving stones that Nicolock produced it was an event for the Nicolock truck that delivered the first paving stones. Giuseppe’s paving stone installation operation was growing and a corporation needed to be formed and in 1994 Giuseppe started Gappsi. Giuseppe Abbrancati professional paving Stone Installer. Giuseppe’s career kept him installing paving stones on long island but Giuseppe’s challenge to improve his knowledge grew and so did the paving stone industry. In 1993 the ICPI was formed, the interlocking concrete pavement institute. To set industry standards to control manufacturing quality and for promoting paving stones by introducing them to commercial and municipal applications to expand the market and making consumers aware of the product quality and beauty. Giuseppe took his work to the next level by designing and installing the most recognized paving stone creations, for commercial and residential installation. Giuseppe was awarded 12 national titles by ICPI and the concrete and masonry institute. Giuseppe’s work has been published on trade magazines all over the USA and Canada. Giuseppe Abbrancati has become a legend in the unit paving stone industry. Giuseppe designed and patented several paving stone shapes; he also designed, developed and patented the Gappsi edge restraint system. Giuseppe’s career and love for the trade has helped the paving stone industry to grow and Giuseppe is recognized and respected from all the industry people. Gappsi today is the largest corporation of installers, for paving stones, swimming pools and landscaping. We are a deck and patio building company, Gappsi is a one stop shop for outdoor and indoor construction. The company provides designing and a design studio were Gappsi costumers come to view their project drawings ,installation of luxury swimming pools, installation of paving stones, travertine pavers, granite pavers, limestone pavers, sandstone, bluestone and natural and manufactured retaining walls.

Gappsi extended is services and products to its costumers by importing natural stone pavers and walls, we import indoor tiles, and today Gappsi is the largest importer of natural stones on long island. We have a swimming pool supply store, a paving stone and natural stone showroom were we display all our products, Gappsi future is even more glorious today after serving thousands of satisfied costumers to whom we owe our success Gappsi plans for the future are bright and optimistic. Gappsi is a household name on long island recognized and respected by everybody, our costumers are also very proud and fill very well about having hired Gappsi to create their home improvement project they feel relieved and Gappsi costumers know that their money is well spent at Gappsi. Don’t forget the personnel touch that Giuseppe Abbrancati gives to each and everyone of his customers; we are here to build long lasting relationships.

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