Good craftsmanship for pools, patio and Decks long Island

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swimming pools,landscape,masonry,natural stones,carpentry,outdoor lighting deck and patio company long island

swimming pools,landscape,masonry,natural stones,carpentry,outdoor lighting deck and patio company long island

Home improvements companies-showrooms-displays-services –products long island Gappsi was founded in 1994 by Giuseppe Abbrancati.
Gappsi started in the home improvement industries by providing
Paving stone installations of decks and patios.
Over the years, Gappsi extended its services to our devoted customers. We have included
Swimming pools, portable hot tubs spas designing, construction and services.
Masonry and supply of imported natural stones including: travertine, limestone, granite paving stone, tiles, wall veneers, self-contained fountains and garden ornaments.
Landscape designing and installation including: annual maintenance of tree pruning and fertilizing, construction of waterfalls, ponds, grottos and sheer descends. Natural stone walls and steps, hydro-seeding, sods, fencing, irrigation systems and outdoor low voltage lighting.
Home remodeling, including: kitchens and baths, dormers, extensions, window and siding, plumbing and electrical. Samples of our services and products are displayed at our showroom f or our customers to view.
Designer and installers of: paving stones, masonry, swimming pools, landscaping, kitchens, baths, dormers, extensions, electrical, plumbing
Importers and Suppliers of: natural stone pavers, tiles and wall veneers, self contained fountains and garden ornaments
Gappsi Customer Service Showcase, ask the professionals at Gappsi for any concerns you have about home improvements and services. You have come to the right place for more information about Gappsi products and services, please visit our website and or visit our showroom at 1015 b west Jericho turn pike Smithtown New York 11725. by Giuseppe Abbrancati ,Kevin Anderson, Rolando Adamovicz, Charles Cocchiola, Peter Moran, Mike Walsh, Sherry Marsico , Melvin Aguillar, Mike Specchio and peter D’Ambrosio.

Daily activities at Gappsi: new offers, questions, products and concepts.
Thank you for considering some options forus as we make this decision. I appreciate the $1500.00 credit.

I will want to stick with the Travertinematerial at the $12 a square foot.

Let me finalize the discussion with mywife this evening. I still think we want to move forward with you. The creditdefinitely helps – thank you.

I also realize that we still owe a $2,000balance on the pool. I wanted to discuss that also. I want to cut a check, butI would respectfully ask to hold something until we know that everything works,i.e., the filter, the waterfall pump, and that the leak is gone. We are alsomissing some filtration fixtures.

If we come in on Saturday and go tocontract for the stonework, would it be OK if I brought a $1,000 check for depositon the stonework and another check for $1,000 on the pool and held the balanceas security to make sure that once the waterfall is put in, the filters arecutout, and all the fixtures are installed and pumps are turned on thateverything is working properly and nothing is missing?

So far, the craftsmanship has been good, but as a businessman I would like some security. I’m sure you can understand that. Plus, if we sign up the stonework we’ll be paying you as we go for that, so you’ll also have the security in knowing we are not going anywhere and you will absolutely be paid in full.
The timing with the cold weather upon usjust makes it too difficult to bring the project to 100% complete.

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