Granite driveways-limestone walkways-front yard landscape design & construction. Gappsi long island

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Granite driveways-limestone walkways-front yard landscape design & construction. Gappsi long island

A good quality driveway installation starts with the base installation. There are many ways of preparing a foundation base for a paving stone driveway. Or I should say, every one has a way.
I have been installing paving stones for 28 years and as a young mason I learned the technical part of the business, and my self have changed ways on preparing the base for a paving stone pavement. That is because the basics of installations are the same whether you install a paving stone floor or a ceramic tile floor but the performance and the uses are different thus different problems would arise from bad installations.
After many years of practice and experience with problems Gappsi has adopted one way of making the base for segmental pavement. Whether you install concrete pavers or natural stone pavers the process of base preparation is the same. Things that we keep in too account is that the pavement is out door and being exposed to the elements. Especially rain and ice have a big impact on the life and beauty of the finished pavement.
We excavate 12 inches to get to sub base grade. We compact the sub base, we install 12 inches total of base material. 6” oversized crushed concrete and 6” of ¾ mine crushed concrete. The oversized gravel is used to stabilize the sub base. The finer crushed concrete is to be compacted and with the addition of water during the compaction and the vibration of a mechanical plate or vibratory roller, this gets very dense and eventually petrifies making it flexible during ice formation in the winter or by the swelling of the ground below that expends if clay is present during c the cold season. It is impossible to sink the paving material down under pressure from weight above of pedestrians or vehicles. Because this method of base preparation procedure is by far the best method,
But good selected rca or crushed concrete or stones have to be used as base material and then a good compactor and also much time as to be spent compacting the base making many passes.
To select the base material is very easy, if you go to a place where the sale crushed concrete they have several grades of crushed concrete, the most expensive is the best one all the time. And the reason is because they use select material to crush more cement then dirt. The cheaper one is a mix of all kinds of debris and they call it crushed concrete too.
Clean grated Corse sand is then used over the crushed concrete base. The sand has several functions. The function of a good base is to prevent settleling, the function of the layer of sand is to separate the paving material from the base this will prevent the pavers from being in contact with the base and absorb from it and eventually affect the color.
The next function is that the pavers are different thickness; the sand will allow any thicker pavers to be pushed in to the sand during compaction of the finished pavement. The next function of the sand is to allow all the water during rain to disperse and find its way down in to the base and in to the ground thus making the pavement permeable and environment friendly.
For this driveway we installed Amagansett granite pavers from the Gappsi natural stone collection. For the front walk way entrance we used the pompei French pattern also from the Gappsi collection columns for light fixtures and front step walls were faced with Hanover tan blend walls.
You have come to the right place. Gappsi is a provider, designer and builder of swimming pools, coping, patios, driveways, paving stones, landscaping, carpentry, natural stones, travertine, limestone, granite, pavers and wall veneers. To learn more about Gappsi products and services please visit our show room at 1015 West Jericho Turnpike, Smithtown Long Island, e-mails us at or visits our website at We services Nassau and Suffolk county Long Island NY

By Giuseppe Abbrancati, Mike Specchio , Kevin Anderson, Rolando Adamovicz, Charles Cocchiola, Peter D’Ambrosio, Peter Moran, Mike Walsh, Melvin Aguillar and sherry Marsico

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