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By Giuseppe Abbrancati

Gappsi Granite is a strong stone because its mineral grains have grown tightly together during a very slow cooling period and the quartz and feldspar that compose it are harder than steel. This makes Granite desirable for building facades for ornamental purposes such as monuments and any stone structure expected to last forever. Granite can be finished in many textures, it is very good to have a polished finished because of its hardness the polished finish on the Granite will last for a long time and can resist weathering and acid rain. Most of polished granite is used for indoor applications such as floors and wall tiles for kitchens and bathrooms. Granite for outdoor use is usually and best finished with a flamed top edge. Granite pavers can be saw cut, beveled and tumbled, Gappsi granite is mined from all parts of the earth and are costumed finished to Giuseppe Abbrancati’s request. Granite is known to be a good stone for its strength, hardness and eternity. Tiles, paver monuments anything made from granite has a reputation for being virtually indestructible.  Granite pavers are the solution for the consumers that want their pavement to last for many decades and possibly for ever. The mining of the word granite derives from the Latin word, grain. Granite is a natural stone. Granite is composed of three main minerals and they are: mica, feldspar and quartz. Granite is formed by the crystallization of magma within the crust of the earth, creating a grainy texture. The hardness of granite is 7 by Moth’s scale and the density of granite is 2700 kg/m3, its Granite’s characteristics make it highly suitable for structural, decorative and monumental applications.  Architects that require their granite pavers to last for many generations use Gappsi granite pavers. Gappsi Granite is resistant to weathering and aging and it can withstand very low temperatures. There are natural deposits of granite located throughout the entire world. There are granite quarries in production in every continent. There is a plentiful supply and will be available for a long time. Granite is produced in block that then get sliced in to slabs that get delivered in granite shops all over the world  where it gets manufactured in to counter tops for kitchens and bathrooms. It also gets cut into tiles of any sizes and thicknesses. Granite pavers are usually cut 1” thick 

The colors of granite When polished, granite will maintain its brilliant polish for many generations. This is the reason why granite is the most popular choice of stone masons for building monuments and statues. Granite is available in a wide variety of colors. The spectrum of granite color is broad, with tones ranging from white to black, reds, yellows, browns and gold’s. Granite colors are decorative, making them more valuable among interiors designers and landscape designers across the USA. There are many granite paver color selections available from granite merchants across the world.

The earliest records of granites use goes back to the Egyptian civilizations, of 8000 years ago. The Egyptians labored to build the ancient pyramids and created the pharaohs’ sarcophaguses with granite material. To this very day there is a remnant of the ancient Egyptian dynasty in existence called the Luxor obelisk, it is made of pink granite. It is located in Paris, France and stands about 25 meters in height. Gappsi imports granite pavers and tiles from all regions of the earth, it is selected in a variety of colors. We have different sizes from18x12 to random mix patterns with flamed top, beveled or tumbled edges. Our full nose Granite coping range in sizes, 6×12 and 12×24 We use granite pavers for pedestrian paved areas and vehicle trafficked areas Gappsi granites are very durable and natural. The ancient Greeks used granite and marble during their time, the ancient Roman civilization is renowned for constructing many granite monuments and temples throughout Europe during their reign, with some of them still in existence today. During the Renaissance era in Europe, there was a great deal of construction carried out using granite stone, such as the St. Michel monastery and abbey in France being made of granite materials. The use of granite pavers is evident during the Renaissance period. Granite stones are also used for street curbs and building façades due to the strength of granite pavers and their resistance to acid rain. Any chemicals used on the Granite will wash away being exposed to the natural elements. Granite is definitely the strongest stone used as paving material. Gappsi showcases the largest selection of natural stones and granite material including, granite pavers, granite tiles, granite fountains, granite garden ornaments, benches, urns and tables. Please visit the Gappsi granite natural stone showroom to experience these high quality granite products.

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