Gravel driveways–bluestone screening –red-gray crushed pebble rocks Long Island

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gravel driveways long island contractor company gappsi

gravel driveways long island contractor company gappsi

by Giuseppe Abbrancati
Gravel driveway –blue stone screening –red crushed pebble rocks Long Island
The driveway in Patchogue Brookhaven long island, we installed 12 inches of base, starting with 4 inches oversized and then 2 inches blue stone screening and the 6 inches of red crushed 3/8 screening .the driveway is bordered with 3 lines of tumbled Dublin coble anchor paving stone. This helps to keep the gravel contained and also add a finished touch to the driveway edges. The entrance of the driveway is also paved with paving stone a 16 x 10 apron is created and installed over 6 inches poured concrete. Also at the bottom of the front door steps and inlay of paving stones in installed ,front steps risers and lower house wall was faced with manufactured cultured stones . The gravel driveway is more of an estate look or country look where nature is complimented .it is also ecofriendly because it does not create runoffs and water is allowed to drain everywhere thought out the driveway area. The only drawback is maintenance. On a gravel driveway is allot more than any other types of pavements because the gravel will be more prone to move around with the weight of the cars driving over it , and during snow removal some of the gravel can be pushed out of the edges with plows and it might need to be readjusted in the spring time. The most popular colors for gravel driveway is burgundy and gray gravel. You have come to the right place for more information about Gappsi products and services, please visit our website and or visit our showroom at 1015 b west Jericho turn pike Smithtown New York 11725.

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