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Hi Mike,

First off I definitely do not expect you to answer me back so quickly and on a Sunday but much appreciated it. You guys need to take a break at some point before finishing taking over the world 🙂

If you could check with Giuseppe on doing better on the price that would be great.. I do ask him with every job even though he doesn’t usually go lower but I do recall that when I was first talking with him about the driveway pavers in October that he told me the granite was 12 versus the pavers being 10 but that was a couple months ago..
I agree with the stairs being the same I just wasn’t sure because I knew my fire pit was pavers but matched the travertine colors so wasn’t too sure..
The platform I believe will definitely need to be bigger as the door width and the sidelights its almost 7 feet I believe
I guess the electrical will be realized once we prep the ground. Not too sure how it was done at the time
Glad to hear you agree about the travertine as that is what I thought and just wanted to make sure of the transition as it will be that way on the garage side as well. Do you need measurement from me on the feet from the door to the patio or pictures so you can configure on drawing and estimate??
Is a standard walkway 3 or 4 feet wide?

Answer from Mike Specchio
Thanks, Courtney

Giuseppe gave you guys a great price on the granite already. I’m not sure we will be able to go any lower. Considering that we usually sell it for $14 per sq ft. I’ll def talk to him. Ill see what I can do for you guys.

We will def come and mark out where the driveway will go. This way we can remove the trees and move any landscaping necessary.

I would like to use the same material that we use for the driveway, but it’s totally up to you guys.

The platform is going to be 7×5. Don’t worry we will coordinate everything through Charlie.

The granite pavers are 1″1/2 thick

I’m not sure the electrical ran under the driveway will be compromised. If it was done to code (18″ deep) it will not be an issue. We will be doing a 12″ excavation, so anything above that will def be an issue. We also will be running 4″ sleeves under all walks and driveway for future irrigation or electrical.

I would have to agree with you as far as keeping the granite in the front of the house. Everything behind the fence should be done in the travertine
4 piece pattern (Moca) this way it looks more uniform. It’s really a personal thing though.

Yea once we receive the deposit we will email you the design and print out colored copies.

I hope I answered all your questions. If they’re is anything else I can do for you please don’t hesitate. Look foward to hearing from you guys.

Michael Specchio

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