How big does a pool have to be for a permit or variance on Long Island?

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by Giuseppe Abbrancati
A swimming pool size does not determine if you need a permit or a variance.
A swimming pool can be as small or as big as you need it to be, as long as set back are fallowed. Every town and villages has it’s Owen rules and regulations. And some times special acceptation is encountered. We filed for swimming pool permits in the town of Smithtown for many years and the set back are always 8 feet from the property line, we filed for this T shaped swimming pool on witchard blvwrd in Commack and the town requested 16 feet set back from the property line. These set back was not a problem for us actually we needed to be far away from the property line and we accepted those set back but if we wanted the 8 feet set back we would have to apply for a variance. Usually permits take a few weeks but in some town could take months; using Expeditors to get a Building Permit can be the best thing to do if you feel that the permit process could take time. At Gappsi we handle all permits and variances in house from design concept to engineering drawing and town meetings. our clients don’t have to deal with anyone else but Gappsi.

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