How to choose a home improvement contractor long island

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by giuseppe Abbrancati
Hiring a contractor to remodel your house is a very important decision. Because your happiness depends on it, you might want to call him a contractor but what you should refer to is your personal adviser, expert, financial adviser, designer and friend. Because your project could take several months from start to finish, and you will rely on your contractor to make smart decisions.
How do you go about it to find the right contractor?
There are many things you can do:
1=check the contractors record and how long he as been a licensed contractor.
2= seek references from friends and family.
3= go see jobs that are in progress of construction
There are many things that you can check it could be very tiring to choose a contractor.
The best and most reliable company is the one that has a place of business open to the public. That you can walk in and out anytime you want. Also the company has to own the location not rent it that shows dedication commitment to stay in business and the way the keep their place of business is the way they will keep your job site.

Get estimates.
And the one that gives you the most clear and detailed written estimate and before you hire you fill totally educated and make sure that every details is written.
Payments process is the more important of all, the contractor need your money to built your project but at no time he should have more money than the work he as done. a good contractor should only take a small down payment like $1000 just to make the contract legal .and after that he should only ask for payments for work that as already been done and he should be more concerned about you been happy then getting the next payment.

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