How to remove slippery mold from a paved walkway long island NY

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Having mold or moss on your walkways or paved areas can cause very slippery conditions and often result in a slip or fall that causes minor or serious injuries. Therefore it is very important to keep any and all mold or moss off these areas. There are a few different ways to take care of this problem. Dampness and shade is where moss tends to thrive so if you can eliminate these types of areas you will reduce the chances of moss or mold even starting to grow. Moss is also very easy to remove once it grows in the best way to get rid of it is by using a stiff brush or scrapper to remove it because it has no roots, or you can also use a power washer to remove them just b careful as to use the power washer on a low setting so you do not damage and material. Another way to try and discourage moss or mold from growing is by using a small amount of bleach mixed with water it is important to use a small amount this way you do not damage any color of the came to the right place the long island experts for outdoor. Gappsi will provide you with any answers to questions you mite have about this for our expertise goes far beyond just knowing how to install our product but how to maintain and keep it looking great as well.

brick walk way with moss groing over it solution to clean it long island

brick walk way with moss groing over it solution to clean it long island

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