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  By Giuseppe Abbrancati

Building a Pond : The first step is , location. We survey the property and find the best position to install a new pond and/or waterfall feature, so it is visible from all the key areas and heard as well. Then we excavate the area and create shelving at the same time to set rocks and create pockets for plantings. You need to take into consideration if you are going to have fish or not, this will determine the actual depth that needs to be dug. Next we install the skimmer, and then the pump goes inside the skimmer. The skimmer is a deterrent for leaves this catches any debris before it hits the pump.

Next is the installation of the underliner and liner, we measure the pond opening and then custom cut the liner to fit over the hole and extend pass the hole so to prevent leakage. Then the base is prepared for the waterfall and/or stream, large moss rock boulders and long island boulders are installed to individualize the look and shape of the pond. Large bluestone dive rocks are used to create the spills, depending on how many there are. Install the waterfall basin where the water will be filtrated. Tuck under the liner so it passes all the boulders, at this point all the plumbing gets done.

    Final touches will be gravel such as ¾” gravel, pea gravel and Pocono stone to create different textures and installation of plant material.

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