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Ok i got your message. I can drop a new hose off to you soon but those connection go under water so unless the crack is so serve that it won’t hold the head or the disk then it will work for now. HERE IS HOW YOU VACUM YOUR POOL Ok to vac you need to hook up vac head to vac pole. Now take your vac hose and one side should be blue and say on it “CONNECT TO VAC HEAD”. Do what it wants. Then lowered the vac head on the pole into the deep end and keep it under water. Now go by your filter and notice the valve infront of your main filter pump. It has 2 pipes coming into it. You want to close the main drain off so that only the skimmers are sucking in water. If the valve is not labeled than simply turn it to close on side or the other. You have a 50/50 shot. Turn the valve and then walk back to the pool and see if the skimmer are still sucking. If they are you are closer than ever to being ready, if not walk back to the valve and turn it the other way. Now you have two skimmers in your pool. You want to use the one closest to the filter to allow for the most amount of suction. In order to do this you need to close the other skimmer off. Simply take out the basket and look into the bottom. There is a hole in the front towards the pool and one in the back. A little flap is down there and you can use it to cover the back hole up to allow for the most amount of suction from the other skimmer. Get it? By doing all this all the suction for the pump and pool should be coming from that one skimmer. Now leave the basket IN the skimmer to let it trap all debris you vac up. You need to attact the SKIM VAC to the other end of the hose, the end that is still out of the water. The SKIM VAC is a disk that attaches to the hose and gets sucked into the skimmer OVER the basket. All you have to do is put the disk over the basket and it should get sucked down like crazy. Now some air might get into the system and cause you to lose prime in the pump. Give the pump a minute to reprime and when you see the jets working again you are good to go. You can avoid this by filling up the hose with water as best you can, but I don’t bother. Give it a try, get yourself all set up and if your having problems feel free to call me. SCOTT GAPPSI

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