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By Mike Walsh of Gappsi
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Ahead of the competition
Food preservation specialist, Sub-zero, with the science of fresh-dual refrigeration is the best choice when looking for a new refrigerator. Frozen food needs dry cold air while fresh food needs humid chilled air. With Sub-zero and the dual compressor is the key to keeping each at the perfect environment. Frozen foods last longer, greens stay fresh and crisp, and most of all your ice never tastes like fish! With quality craftsmanship Sub-zero will outlast any competitor. Design your kitchen however you like, with Sub-zero’s custom integration your possibilities are endless. Stainless built in, Overlay/Flush inset or framed built in systems can take your kitchen to new extraordinary heights. And with their Integrated seamless and draws refrigerate anywhere and have it hidden away or blend it into the cabinets.

Wolf Ranges and ovens are time and professionally tested and built to battle extreme cooking. With over 20 years of refining, Wolf has superior quality and cooking prowess! With Dual Stacked sealed burners, Infrared Element, and magnet induction cooking with Wolf gives you even controlled heating for optimal performance. Dual fuel all electric or all gas, Wolf offers all sources of cooking with any and all kitchens. Dual Convection oven Systems produce uniform heating with consistent results perfect cooking every time, no rotating necessary.

Come in and enjoy a Demonstration here at Gappsi and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and cooking that’s easy and will please your palate.

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