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by Mike Specchio
We Extended the driveway to the other parking lot with 6×9 Limestone Scogli di mare laid on a 45 degree angle herring bond. we saw cut existing asphalt driveway creating a radius arch to enhance the entrance this will connect the 2 parking lots for the valet parking operators to get all the guest’s cars that come to the Ferrari’s event at the long island Ferrari and Maserati dealer and bring them in the adjacent parking lot next door .

We also built Roof top Patio for the sitting terrace where all events will be held outside.
We rented a LULL from pride equipment to raise all materials to the roof top. We laid a 40×30 60mil pond liner on top of the existing concrete flooring re pitching the floor to the center drain before the laying natural stones six x nines Scogli di mare over a 1″ bed of sand. we installed a 4″ drain by saw cutting the floor then ran a leader from the center of the roof down below under the over hang to the far corner. To get the water to drain in to the drywell. The material selected for these new paved areas was the Scogli di mare 6×9 limestone pavers that are because the same material was used in the main circular driveway in the front of the dealership where all the new Maseratis and Ferraris are parked for display outside.

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