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When it comes to your lawn there are a couple of different options that may be used to have the lush green yard you see in the magazines. The first is to lay sod, and the other is Hydro-seeding. Both are great options but require different care taking. Sod is pre grown grass that is rolled out like a carpet on leveled and tilled dirt, which can be installed in a day. Once it is rolled out the look is of a well-manicured landscape. Hydro-seeding is a horse of a different color. It is installed as a spray seed that takes a couple of weeks to grow into such a luscious green lawn. It is best installed in the early to late fall so the seeds can take hold and germinate. It makes for a beautiful lawn at fractions of the cost compared to sod. The choice is yours. If you have the time to hydro-seed, then it’s the best choice. To learn more about Gappsi products and services for Nassau and Suffolk county long island NY . Please contact the long island best hydro-seeding company

hydro seeding suffolk county long island

hydro seeding pictures images long island

hydro seeding pictures images long island

hydro seeding  nassau county long island

hydro seeding nassau county long island

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