Looks like my pool filter is fried long island need company

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pool pump repair stores long island

pool pump repair stores long island

I went to check the skimmer this morning and only the Polaris filter was running. The pool filter was not. I checked the timer switch, the circuit breakers inside and out and they are OK. Since the Polaris pump has juice, I assume the filter pump does too. When I throw the filter pump timer switch “on” there is an instance of power surge and then nothing. It was OK after the storm; when power came back on Thursday and was fine through yesterday, but dead today. Ground to the pump was loose, but no improvement after I tightened it.
So… I don’t know if I need a pump (my first suspicion) or a rewire from an electrician. Of course, these things always happen on holiday weekends. Fortunately, we aren’t using the pool today or tomorrow for the holiday. Please put me on your list for a look-see at your earliest.

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