Manufactured Interlocking Concrete Retaining Wall Systems For Landscaping and Masonry by Gappsi Long Island.

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Manufactured retaining walls are the number one choice for today’s masonry and landscape contractors. Designers and engineers all over the world specify manufactured concrete retaining wall for industrial, residential and commercial use. Interlocking retaining walls are very versatile and they are manufactured in many colors, styles and sizes. Interlocking retaining walls are simple to install and are palletized for ease of handling they are on skids that can be easily picked up by machines and moved around on job sites. Footings for these wall systems are required to be made of gravel materials and mechanical plate compactors are used to achieve the necessary density for the base to set and petrify.
Geogrid – a mesh material is used to reinforce the wall system, by placing the geogrid over the wall and locking it in place. The geogrid is compressed by the weight of the wall and also by locking keys designed and manufactured in the shape of the block and also by poly carbonate pins also driven in the top of the blocks, letting the geogrid hook to them and extended in the back of the wall prior to back filling. One foot of clean gravel is always used behind the wall and a perforated pipe is installed along the bottom behind the wall before gravel is placed. A landscape fabric is installed as a barrier between the gravel and the soil to prevent the soil to wash through and run down the front of the wall.
A wall cap is usually installed to decorate the top of the wall and also to further reinforce the wall. Glue is usually recommended to secure the wall caps on to the wall and some of the small wall systems that don’t have a tongue and groove locking system are usually recommended to be glued to one another. All manufactures of paving stones also manufacture walls systems. Interlocking walls are used in residential backyards, commercial applications, and industrial use from seaports to airports to simply decorate the landscape. Manufactured interlocking retaining wall systems are used by homeowners as their weekend projects to major construction companies.
Manufactured concrete wall systems are also cost effective for their manufacturing process and also for their simple installation process. They are liked and used from the simplest weekend warriors to professional landscape contractors. Please visit the Gappsi showroom to learn about these products and all Gappsi services. You will find these products displayed at the gappsi showroom and our professional designers will educate you and help guide you to create a quality project for your home and gardens.

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