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By Giuseppe Abbrancati

The Gappsi Stone Collection Showroom
Has the largest variety of the worlds most beautiful Natural Paving Stones Collection. Our selection consists of: Limestone, Travertine, Quartzite, Sand Stone and Granite Pavers for all your outdoor pavement and retaining walls. Giuseppe Abbrancati founder of Gappsi has had experience installing natural stone since childhood over the years Giuseppe has developed deep passion and love for natural stones. Giuseppe has traveled world wide for over 25 years in search of the most distinctive and unique stones, as a craftsman Giuseppe has created award winning stones capes and the most recognizable designs constructed with natural stone tiles, pavers and walls. He has brought his skill and techniques to the USA and has been importing natural stones from all over the world. Gappsi is a leader of importing Natural Stone to Long Island N.Y. and throughout the USA. We will supply and deliver our Natural Stones all over the USA worldwide.
With over 100 products in our selection of limestone, marble, travertine, quartzite, sand stone, bluestone, granite pavers, walls, tiles, columns, fountains and garden ornaments. Gappsi has the largest collection of Natural Stones available in Nassau and Suffolk county Long Island N.Y.
All our Natural Stones are quarried sawn and antiqued, all over the world.
Natural Stones Pavers are beautiful and timeless. Gappsi Natural Stones stay cool due to a lack of naturally occurring metal content which is found in manmade products.
Gappsi Natural Stones have high co-efficient of friction for a non-slip surface and are freeze/thaw compatible in all climates. The Pavers come in a wide variety of colors; more than 30 to choose from. Sizes range from 4×4 to large format which includes a French pattern available in sizes up to 48×48 to custom sizes. Our product selection features many other products including Pool Coping, Pier/Wall Caps, Step Treads, Paver Planking, Thin Split-Face Veneer, Dimensional Wall Systems, Columns, Fountains, Fireplaces, Sinks, Countertops, Balusters and matching Interior Tile.
To create a prestigious pavement, patio, pool patio, coping, driveway, walkways, steps and retaining walls of high architectural quality, natural stones offer unsurpassed aesthetic and ever lasting quality
Natural Stones are timeless quality and beauty Gappsi is the largest importer of Natural Stone on Long Island N.Y. we provide installation for all our products selected, imported and installed to guarantee our costumers total satisfaction.
The quality of Natural Stones is unsurpassed by any other material, natural stones bland with any style and architectures natural stones are very versatile and are the most used building and paving product in the world since the beginning of humanity. From Egyptians, Greeks and the Romans Natural Stones were the only building product available. Gappsi prides themselves for offering the same quality products used by our ancestors thousands of years ago to our costumers, Natural Stones were used to build entire city’s from houses foundations, for walls, roofs and streets, many of these structure built with natural stones Are in existence today, like the pyramids in Egypt, the roman coliseum to all European city roads and buildings.
Natural Stones are uneven in size, therefore they are taken to the cutting plants where they are cut into blocks of different size and shape. Following this process, they are saw cut in to the required sizes then finished, the textures of natural stone pavers and wall are: brushed, polished, hammered, split face, rock faced, honed, sand blasted, tumbled and natural. According to the purpose for which they are being crafted.
One interesting part of these naturally occurring stones is that all of them are available in different texture and color. This is one feature that makes them unique from man-made products, like molded concrete pavers. Natural products have their own beauty and uniqueness which gives them a classy look with a touch of royal vintage.
Natural stones are becoming more and more popular now-a-days because of their raw features and looks. People love the interiors of their office and home to be made up of these stones. My office is made of a natural stone floor, paintings applied over granite slabs. A travertine coffee table, floor, desk, fountain and even the chandelier is made of natural stone. Natural Stones can be used on the walls, floors, slabs and many other places that have the power to light up the whole environment. Good and bright interiors always cheer up the mood of the employees working in the company they are maintenance free and stay looking good for ever.
The formation of these natural stones is as old as the earth itself. It is interesting that the gems are also one of the Natural Stones.
Natural gem stones are very popular among the young generation and they also have a spiritual healing concept associated with it. It is believed that these gems bring peace, harmony and positive feelings to a person or the people who are in contact with them. These are precious and semi precious stones and each stone has its own quality, life itself comes from the stones. It is believed that the bacteria formed in warm bodies of water were volcanic lava kept at consistent temperatures from under water erupts and gives life to bacteria and that is said to be were life began.
Natural stones are part of our clothing they are worn to serve one of the many purposes, for instance, cool down anger, just to strike a fashion statement. And also for spiritual mining to keep troubles or even as pets.
Natural stones have now become very trendy and modern today, especially amongst the girls who love to wear these expensive stones while being served with the spiritual purpose as well. Natural stones have many purposes, use and meaning like diamonds to express eternal love.
Natural Stones have proof of lasting power, we can appreciate them in the remains of our ancestor dating back thousand of years. In the old times, they could be noticed being used in monuments, buildings, constructions, and commercial and residential areas. In the present times, they are basically popular as a flooring material. There is nothing new about the thought of utilizing natural stones in the construction of house and commercial activity, as there was an old custom of around 4,500 years when this natural flooring material was used as the primary building material.
Even in the construction of Giza plateau pyramids of Egypt, one of the world’s seven wonders, these stones were used. Stonehenge, the world’s greatest mystery, is completely made out of natural stones. Further, their utility can also be seen in centuries-old monuments and mansions. Using natural stones is also good ecologically, because they have existed in the same land this does not disturb or modify our environment, natural stone is selected for making buildings and construction as it looks more aesthetic environmentally as well as literally. These stones have an inherent durability and adaptability for different conditions. Stone can be used for the purpose of flooring, natural stone is easily available the best option you can get. And they can be easily keept neat and clean.
There are three types of natural stones. Travertine and Limestone are the types of sedimentary stone, while Slate and Marble are the examples of metamorphic stones. Granite is a type of the igneous stone. These are three categories you can find Mosaics, Natural Stone Tiles and Travertine Mosaics.
Natural stones were used 4,500 years ago as the primary building material for one of the most inspiring of the world’s seven wonders, the Giza plateau pyramids of Egypt. And about 2,000 years earlier in Britain they used it to build one of the world’s greatest enigmas, Stonehenge. Natural stones are the timeless choice of experts.
There are many different types of stone, born from many different kinds of lithification, or rock making, processes, such as sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic stone.
Over the centuries stone masons have discovered which type of stone is best suited for a particular task. Some stone types like granite are best suited for pure strength, while limestone and marble work well for decorative and aesthetically and appealing use.
Stone can of course be broken down into little pieces and become gravel. A crushing process breaks the stone down until the pieces are more or less the same predetermined size. This allows for a uniform covering for driveways and paths, for example, though gravel has many more uses. It is a satisfyingly low maintenance material that is relatively inexpensive and easy to use.
Natural stone is increasingly becoming popular as a flooring material. It works well with under floor heating, retaining the heat and thereby making it a very cost-effective choice. It is a naturally durable type of floor covering requiring little maintenance and looking extremely elegant almost forever.
It also works well as the base of a patio, especially in a damp climate where a wooden deck can warp. It doesn’t need annually painting or protecting and it will fit right in with the general landscape, which of course is where it came from originally.
Natural stone is an inspired choice for a large open fireplace surround. There’s nothing quite like an open fire on a cold evening to bring out the best in people. Relaxing by an open fire as the flames lick lazily up the chimney while sipping a glass of something strong is a great time to appreciate the expert workmanship of stone in such a fireplace, and it is indeed a shame if it isn’t there.
This article could go on and on about the virtues of natural stone; there’s hardly a situation where it cannot be used to some extent. It is completely sympathetic to the environment, it looks great, it needs little time and effort to maintain and it is relatively inexpensive. Surely that alone is enough good reasons to love it, and certainly why it is the timeless sustainable choice of experts. And people all over the world

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