Natural stone fountain| built with boulders |water stream potable long island

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This natural water spring comes out of the mountain behind; the masonry water structure was built with natural local rocks found in the area. The local residents decided to utilize this natural resource and put it to use creating an inviting environment for everyone to enjoy including the many tourists that drive by and also religiously come to the side as though it is a retreat. it has been discovered that this water is very good also and healthy to drink by doctors ,and for many it has become a way of life to come and get water from this natural spring resource. The masonry structure has withstood the test of time it is known that this wall fountain has existed for ever and has been remodeled over the years many old people remember just the way it is and has more meaning to them than just a water fountain, it is part of their life and it brings them back to childhood when they were hanging around this water feature playing soccer and having to refresh drinking for this timeless stream of water that for centuries has been part of this communities and their life .

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