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I would like to introduce myself in behalf of Akshardham Exports Pvt. Ltd.. We are the leading
Mines Owner Manufacturer Exporter Importer in Natural Stones such as Sand stone, Slate,
Limestone, Marble, and Granite & Stone Handicrafts Items. We have exclusively range in
Artifacts & Sculptures. Our Company Profile mention underneath in this mail. Please just go
through with this.

Company Profile

• Akshardham Exports Pvt Ltd was established in 1998 by Rathore Group to serve increasing
national and international demand for Indian Natural Stones. The Company dedicated to
bringing the finest Natural stones to the world. For over many years, the name is synonymous
with grandeur, finesse and quality that can only be expected from the most superior class of
Indian Natural Stones. Akshardham Exports Pvt Ltd has set benchmarks in the mining,
processing and finishing of Natural Stones.

• Our success is based upon our ability to respond flexibly to our customer’s individual
needs for both large and small projects, our experience and detailed knowledge of the Natural
Stones industry, our competitive prices and the excellent comprehensive service we provide for a
very wide range of materials. We have supplied Natural Stones for many major projects including
Palaces, Temples, Mosques, Embassies, International Hotel Chains and Office Buildings as well
as Commercial works requiring large quantities of competitively priced materials.

Why Us

Akshardham Exports Pvt Ltd has always stood for quality without compromise. It believes in
long-term business relations and works hand in hand with the customers to ensure that they get
the best value for money. Stringent in-house quality control measures are in place and yet the
group is always willing for third party quality checks. The Company has adopted quality policies
to standardize its systems, procedures and processes with adequate documentation.

• Tradition of Quality and Beauty Famous from antiquity, for the high quality the
incomparable clearness and resistance, the Sand stone from Akshardham Exports Pvt Ltd have
constituted the base of many big monuments and works of art Akshardham Temple in India.
Now-a-days Akshardham Exports Pvt Ltd continues to supply the domestic market with Natural
stones at the usual peerless quality.

• Our attractive range can be floored to encompass living rooms, drawing arrangements,
dining spaces, hotel lobby’s, pool sites, wall claddings, lounges and many more.

• When we started way back in 1998, little bit we know that we would come this far; yet,
what we did know was that whichever business we would do, it shall be done with utmost
honesty, transparency, dedication and conviction.

• That conviction gave us threads which the company and its people have webbed forward
to growth, professional excellence and community development. The process continues of
remolding ourselves for the new economy, learning with every day, matching steps to the world
economy and its rapid changes and as always remaining true to the simple business rules and
ethics-just the way we started.

The Vision

• To be the largest and most efficient stone distributor in overseas market from our own
stones mines.
• Build strong long term partnerships with our clients by utilizing our international network.
• To provide all stone solutions to our customers.
Our Mission and Guiding Principles
• Be fair honest and dedicated.
• Plan, communicate and take responsibility.
• To provide a win/win solution at all times.
• To understand the market trends and clients requirements.
• To market & distribute core products for commercial & domestic use.
• To continuously gain product knowledge and support client needs.
• To build a strong team of professionals.
• To meet all obligations for the benefit of all stakeholders.
• To strive for excellence and innovation.
Our Specialization & Business Nature
• Supply of Indian Natural Stone Nationally and Internationally.
• Global Support Network with World-Wide operations.
• Specialists are Quality stones, Volume quantities and good Prices.
• Access to wide variety of color choices/selections.
• Expert product knowledge and service.
• Materials for all your applications.

Our Product/Range

• Big & Long Size Sandstone Blocks
• Buy Big Size Blocks and Get Free Flagstone (T&C Apply)
• Sandstone
• Limestone
• Slate
• Marble
• Granite
• Landscaping & Paving Stone
• Mosaic
• Cobbles & Pebbles
• Stone Handicrafts (Pillar, W

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