Natural swimming pools-salt water-Gappsi pools long island

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natural swimming pools long island gappsi

natural swimming pools long island gappsi

by Giuseppe Abbrancati
Natural swimming pools are creating by soft sea rock that gets worn out by the sea water waves. After many years of high and low ties and big waves from storms these soft rock get shaped in to huge tubs. These large tub formation become traps for the water waves that constantly jump the rocky beaches and over the wall that is formed on the out skirt of the natural pools. These walls are the harder rocks that did not get corroded by the waves and formed the exterior ring of the tubs and capture the water every time a wave jumps over. The water in the natural pools is constantly recycled because they get overfilled and new water is pushed in constantly day in day out. In many tourist areas these natural pools have been cleaned up giving them a more rectangular shape to resemble a main made pool and also to make them safe and more attractive for tourists, but you can tell that the entire perimeter and the bottom is all natural stone .
Natural stones at Gappsi show room are an exclusive and copyrighted natural stone product imported and distributed by Gappsi for long island, New York and the USA.
Gappsi is a provider designer and builder of swimming pools, coping, patios, driveways, paving stones, landscaping, carpentry, natural stones, travertine, limestone, granite, pavers and wall veneers. To learn more about Gappsi products and services please visit our show room at 1015 West Jericho Turnpike, Smithtown Long Island, e-mails us at or visits our website at We services Nassau and Suffolk county Long Island NY

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