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by Giuseppe Abbrancati

Old swimming pools require much more maintenance to make them look good and operating properly. Without a good maintenance schedule, an old swimming pool can quickly turn into a mess of algae and worn down walls. Gappsi pool experts have identified these common areas of pool repair that many old swimming pool owners need help with. All old swimming pools luck all the new technology that gappsi uses on all new gappsi swimming pools built today with all modern amenities. If you want to protect your investment and keeps your pool looking great for years to come, call Gappsi to Check out your pool each season and throughout the summer and call us if you notice any problems with the following.
1. Cracks in the Gunite pool walls.
Cracks occur in Gunite concrete walls and are seen most often in areas with extreme winter temperatures. This could be a big problem with pool repair on long island because we have bad winters from time to time and occasionally. Cracks will develop in concrete walls. Cracks can be repaired and resurfaced for increased strength.
2. Tears in the pool lining.
Vinyl lining could tear. Small tears can be patched up and larger tears may require a liner replacement. And after 20 years the liners will need replacement because the weather will make it bridle and discolored. The good news is that replacing a liner is not as expensive as it used to be.
3. Problems with the pool pump.
The pool pump is the heart beat of your pool’s water sanitizing system. It allows the chlorine and chemicals to be diluted in the water by properly keeping the water circulated. If your pump is not working correctly, or stops operating, your water won’t be sent through the filter or heater and back into the pool. Gappsi pool maintenance and Repair Company can check the functioning of your pump to make sure it’s working properly.
1. Pump motor issues
A pump pulls water out of the skimmers and sends it through a filter and back in to the pool through the wall jets with the help of the pump motor. And if the motor does not function properly will affect the quality of your pool water. If the pump itself is functioning fine, but it starts and stops, you’ll need a motor replacement, which gappsi can handle for you. But in many situations the best solution is to replace the entire unit because if it is not working properly and it is old newer pumps are much more efficient and it pays to get a new one.
5. Repair the Pool Filter
Filters are essential for a healthy pool environment and water purification and should be checked frequently. Most filter problems can be solved by changing the cartridge; however, some times you may have problems that are outside of routine maintenance. We can repair or take care of pool filter replacement.
6. Pool Heater repair and maintenance
Heaters make pools usable for an extra 2 months on long island. Without a properly functioning heater, you will not be able to enjoy the time that you use the pool and it will be definitely shortened. Gappsi will try all of the basic troubleshooting steps with your pool heater and if it still doesn’t work, we will have to replace it with a newer more modern and efficient unit. Pool heaters are very sensitive pieces of equipment and a professional pool repair expert can help you keep it in the best working order.
7. Pool Computer controls
Sophisticated pool control panels set ups require some extra maintenance especially the old ones that you may not be capable of doing yourself. Gappsi will make sure that all of the components of your pool system are working properly, including the computer controls. Most of swimming pools built by gappsi are equipped with the best electronics on the market and all pools maintained by gappsi will always get the proper services and care.

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