outdoor fireplace advantages use designers in long island

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outdoor fireplaces designs  ideas long island

outdoor fireplaces designs ideas long island

An outdoor fireplace in the garden is a delightful attribute of any yard. Thanks to HG-TV, most of us are familiar with the term “garden room”. Well, an outdoor fireplace can help CREATE a garden room for socializing because it inspires camaraderie. Friends will gather around a fireplace to share a glass of wine and reminisce. Children will want to use it to toast marshmallows and s’mores (with parental supervision, of course), and YOU will want to use it to set the mood for a romantic evening gazing at the stars with a loved one.
During the spring and autumn months, there is a definite chill in the air. How many times have YOU gone inside to escape it? Well, an outdoor fireplace generates enough heat to keep you warm and chase the dampness from those bones, thereby maximizing the time spent outdoors on your deck and or patio.
Citronella gel is available for certain types of fireplaces, which when added, keeps insects away. I cannot count the number of times, I have been chased inside by insects in the yard.
There are numerous options as to the type of fireplace you can have installed at your home. The benefits reaped from a fireplace, definitely make it an option to consider for your yard.

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