Paver K-Pattern for bricks & paving stones

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k pattern picture
Paving around your home is an important task that adds value and curb appeal. Doing it yourself, not recommended, can save you money in the short run but proper installation from an expert is your best bet. Not only choosing to pave, type of paver and pattern also play an effect in the overall outcome of the job. A popular pattern is the K pattern in which a one square paver is place and 4 rectangular surround it. See picture for visual. A very popular and inexpensive choice of paver due to its low waste ratio the K pattern leave your walkway, driveway, patio looking great with a sense of uniform but also the look of random pieces using just 2 sizes of stones. Gappsi can design, supply and install your entire project. To learn more about Gappsi products and services for Nassau and Suffolk county long island NY .Please e mail us at or call Gappsi at 631-543-1177 or visit Gappsi Show Room at 1015 west Jericho turn pike Smithtown NY 11787 or visit us on line at :

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