Pennsylvania stone walls pictures, installer, suppliers long island

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Pennsylvania Thick Wall Stone pictures long island

Pennsylvania Thick Wall Stone pictures long island

Pennsylvania wall stones installation is different from any other wall construction method.
Is natural looking because Pennsylvania wall stones are a natural stone? But the construction of the wall could be a lot more expensive than a manufactured wall system. That is because the Pennsylvania stones wall are small pieces and thin stones ,and to build the and make it strong it as to be very wide and by making the wall construction wide it involves more excavation, more and more material .
The Pennsylvania wall stones are very irregular, when you build the wall the stones have to fit very tight and neat and to achieve this you need a very skilled installer.
Another way of installing a Pennsylvania stone wall is by pouring a concrete footing then installs a cinder block wall and only use the Pennsylvania stones to veneer in front of the cinder block wall. This will save lots of material and the wall will be stronger and it can also be built higher. for more information about Pennsylvania stone wall construction and supply, please contact the pro at Gappsi for free estimate consultation and design or visit our show room at 1015 west Jericho turn pike Smithtown new York or visit our web site bat

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