Polished Fiorito: tiles-slabs-travertine sinks-tubs Distributor, supplier long island

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natural stone travertine sinks long island

natural stone travertine sinks long island

by giuseppe Abbrancati Gappsi
Polished Fiorito: tiles-slabs-showroom. Distributor, supplier long island
Polished Fiorito natural stone is one of the most beautiful natural stone Travertine. Polished finish is mainly used for more refined applications such as kitchens counter tops, indoor floors, vanities, tiles, pottery, vases and sinks. It is very spectacular to see millions of year’s creation to be revealed in the finish of a stone just like a picture and its originality and pattern of fossils tale a story of the world history. Fiorito travertine not only is beautiful but it is also very versatile in its use it can be polished very well to almost a mirror affect.

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