Pompeii limestone pavers-walkways entrances long island

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pompei lime stone pavers long island

pompei lime stone pavers long island

By Giuseppe Abbrancati
This walkway was built in East Northport long island.
The base material consists of recycled concrete / rca which is crushed concrete that is produced by the recycling of concrete that get removed form old driveways, walkways and patios. This process is a very good for the environment because this old cement block would have been dumped in land fields polluting the earth. Instead it gets crushed in to grave that is perfect for the construction of patio, walkways and driveways base.
This recycled concrete during the compaction by a mechanical plate or roller compactor with the use of water sprayed on it will get very dense and will petrify over time, but still letting the rain water filter through the ground. Making this also eco friendly with out creating run of situation. The pompei paving stone supplied by Gappsi is laid over 1 inch of clean sand , the function of the sand is to separate the pompei pavers from the base material , because recycled concrete has lime in it and if in touch with the pavers this could affect the limestone pavers over time. Also the sand allows the rain water to disperse and find its way in to the ground below, further more the sand allows the Pompeii lime stones to be set and be adjusted in the sand. A thickness of about 1 to 1.5 inches of sand is installed throughout the patio and over the base. Then the pompei limestone pavers are installed and all necessary cut were done to create the shape of the walk way. a circle inlay of 6×9 Amagansett pavers was installed half way the walk way and also Amagansett 6×9 pavers were used to outline the walkway by using them as the border . This walkway includes the steps and stoop platform for the front door. Classico travertine 2 inches full nose coping was used for the step treads and the caps for the 2 columns that were built on both side of the stoop for the light fixtures that accent and illuminate the walk way and the front door entrance the columns and the step risers were faced with Hanover 3 inches chapel wall stones in tan bland to compliment the Pompeii and Amagansett pavers.

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