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loop-loc cover installation by gappsi poolsand spas long island

loop-loc cover installation by gappsi poolsand spas long island

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Do you find yourself waking up in the morning and grabbing that warm sweater before you head out the door? Are you packing up the BBQ grill and outside furniture for the long winter ahead? Well let’s not forget your most important backyard investment; your swimming pool. It gave you a summer of joy and now it’s time to ease it into it’s long winter slumber. Listen I understand, the last thing you want to do is go out there on a cold Sunday morning and get soaked, tired, dirty,and frustrated. Trying to fill up those old dirty waterbags from last year, your going to get soaked and I’m sure your going to find out the hard way that most of those old waterbags look like swiss cheese. Well now guess what, its time to go to the pool stay and pay those ridiculus high prices for water bags. Oh you have yourself a loop loc cover do you? You don’t need anyone to come and close your pool. You even say to your wife; “Hunny give me twenty five minutes and I’ll have this loop loc safety cover on.” A month later, that same couple is in divorce court. It’s a tale as old as time. Any company or homeowner can put the put the cover on, but are they going to adjust the straps to the proper tightness to ensure safty? These are not questions you want answered when the first snow load pulls the cover into the water and stretches it beyond repair. You need to know your cover is on saftly and tightly the first time! Call the pros at Gappsi Pools. Do you have a massive waterfall? Don’t endanger yourself climbing on those slippery rocks, call GAPPSI. Is your pool an odd shape or a completely custum free form? Good luck trying to figure out which way your cover goes. This is another time when you may say to your wife “I’m a superstar and I can figure out this cover in no time at all, you just watch!” Next thing you know he’s tangled in the cover and floating in the pool. I;ve seen it 1,000 times. We take just as much care with our waterbag covers. Maybe you have a little hole in your cover? We will attempt to position the cover so that the hole is not under water causeing you to accidently pump pool water out. Leaky water bags will be replaced at the time of the closing. We have all supplies need from replacement wall plugs, to the latest in skimmer gizmo blowout technology.
Well maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you are able to go out there and get your pool closed up, and get your waterbag cover on the pool. Now your in for a whole winter of cleaning and pumping the cover. Better keep it clean and dry or it may fall in and then what? Your looking to a rough start to a hot summer. Maybe it’s time you get yourself a nice LOOP LOC SAFTY COVER installed. No mess no pumps no worries. Who are you going to choose to install your cover that will last you 10 plus years? You know to choose GAPPSI POOLS. We don’t just use normal loop loc anchors, we use PIPE ANCHORS. These anchors go 15’’ into the ground for unmatched safty and performance. We build some of the most elaborate and BIG waterfalls around the island. We need to be able to install LOOP LOC on all our work. Take a look around your town, you won’t have to look far to see some of our work.
Now let’s not get hung up on just cover preparation and installation. Winterizeing your pool equipment is just as important. The pros at GAPPSI will come out, dissemsable, drain, and put away all your equipment before you can blink an eye. Then its time to blow out all the plumbing and get the water out to ensure it survives through the winter. We also pour a little ANTIFREEZE in the pipes for extra insurance. We also provide four gallons of liquid shock, and a wintertime algaecide. This will help insure your pool is clean and clear when we open in next year.
So don’t end up divorced or wrapped up in your cover, call the pros at GAPPSI POOLS. Let us show you that our dedication and custermer service is UNMATCHED.

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