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gappsi swimming pool maintanace/ services truck long island

gappsi swimming pool maintanace/ services truck long island

by Scott Search
Hi Scott, I’m writing to check in about the vacuuming of our pool –
Mike stayed a really long time yesterday and got a lot of the stuff
Out of the pool, but it’s definitely not done. There’s still a lot of
Leaves and dirt and debris on the bottom, and the missing jet from one
Of the intakes is down there, and a big black plastic thing, and a
Bunch of tiles. They’re all on the deep end and I think what happened
Is that when he put the shock in the water it got cloudy and he
Couldn’t see those things anymore. Anyway, after we ran the filter
Overnight we could definitely see them, so it’s going to need more
Vacuuming. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for all your help!

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