Raised patio, wood pergola, travertine patio, built in barbeque Gappsi long island

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Raised patio, wood pergola, travertine patio, built in barbeque Gappsi long island

Raised patio base preparation. A raised patio could be built in many heights and levels. The walls for a raised patio could consist of manufactured concrete wall systems. And the base material for this type of wall is recycled concrete base or gravel base compacted with a mechanical plate. The first layer of block is installed over a dry pack cement layer that gets leveled and because of the cement it will petrify. And from there every row of blocks gets glued to the other by using liquid cement. Until the desired height is reached. The wall is always caped with manufactured matching caps .this is the structure and the finished face of the raised patio, for the inside base Gappsi only uses oversized gravel all the way up to the top and for the last 6″ inches Gappsi installs 6 inches of finer crushed material that could consist of recycled concrete aggregate or crushed stones. Sand is then installed over the base to create a more precise finished level for the stones to be laid. Polymeric sand is then installed in between the joints to stabilize the pavers prevent any sand wash outs and weeds from growing. This job we used Hanover tan bland 3 inches walls. To build the raised patio and bar area and barbeque and fire pit area And for the patio we used French pattern travertine classico . by Giuseppe Abbrancati ,Kevin Anderson, Rolando Adamovicz, Charles Cocchiola, Peter Moran, Mike Walsh, Sherry Marsico , Melvin Aguillar, Mike Specchio and peter D’Ambrosio.

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