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by Giuseppe Abbrancati
Rusted Steel Pool Wall is a FACT. A steel wall pool will only last 30 years and that is true ONLY if the pool is built in a very sandy and gravel area. Steel wall pools built in areas where the ground has poor drainage, will last half as long. Steel wall pools built near the sea water line will not LAST very long either. It’s not only how long the walls will last but also how long they will stay rust-free. In many situations steel wall pools start rusting in the very first years and eventually deteriorate and most times collapse. Rust can also affect the strength of the walls, they will start to flex and bow inward making them not aesthetically appealing and also unsafe because when the pool walls weaken and move the patio will also shift and settle making the patio unsafe.
When the pool walls move the coping on the swimming pool will get loose and pieces of bull nose will fall into the pool endangering the safety of swimmers, divers and possible damaging the liner. If a hole is punctured in the liner of the pool, it will start to empty out and without water in the pool there will be no counter pressure against the pool walls making this very dangerous and this will increase the pool walls to further bow inwards to the point of collapsing. The pool in the picture above was only 18 years old and the homeowner bought the house thinking the pool was in good condition. The liner was only 6 years old but because of the steel walls deteriorating behind the liner, the liner got punctured by the rusted walls. After the removal of the liner Gappsi Pools owner Kevin Anderson suggested to the home owner that the pool walls would need to be replaced.
At this point the client was not too happy about having to buy a new pool, this was the last thing on his list. He thought that a new liner replacement would have been all he needed but unfortunately Gappsi would not get involved in installing a liner at this point unless new swimming pool walls were built. Another major factor in this situation that caused the pool wall to deteriorate to the point of totally vanishing from behind the liner was because of the wood deck that was used as a patio. This wood deck aloud air to circulate in the back of the pool making the very thin sheet metal pool wall to be subjected to elements thus expediting the corrosion process of the rust. After a few days the homeowner started to accept the fact and deal with the idea that a new swimming pool was needed to be installed. Gappsi suggested a few options to the homeowner to soften the pain of the unexpected expense and by redesigning and relocating and building a reinforced concrete wall pool with a hard bottom underline floor. The final project results made it worthwhile and with all the new amenities that were added the pool became much more user friendly and more efficient and much more functional also making the back yard much more functional by relocating the swimming pool.

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