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 By Giuseppe Abbrancati

To complete the back yard, the travertine pool patio is the final phase of the masonry for this spectacular pool project. The main level patio is a 4 inch step up from the free formed pool with custom automatic safety cover. Custom 12 x 24 inch at 2 inch thick travertine coping is installed on top of the track of the automated pool cover making the free formed pool look as though it is sunk in the patio.

Custom sized travertine caps are installed over the pool cover box and supported by the metal brackets that are securely installed and bolted in the concrete wall of the cover box.  This allows the travertine coping to cantilever over the rolling cover system and allows it to be removed for future access of the cover for services. Travertine pavers are installed over one inch of sand and 8 inches of recycled concrete base troughout the back yard patio, 1/2 inch rebar’s are attached to the pool walls and 5 feet wide concrete slab is installed using wire mesh. This prevents settling of the patio around the swimming pool and the recycled concrete allows the water to drain from underneath the pavers.

The installation of an L shaped cooking area and bar stool sitting area is conveniently located close to the front door and close to the outside table area. The barstools are positioned so people can interact with their guests at the dining table or simply enjoying the view of the whole back yard. A fire pit area is created for people to gather and enjoy the atmosphere created by the fire and warm comfortable look and texture of the travertine pavers selected from the Gappsi Natural Stone collection.

Various sitting areas are created in the back yard and around the pool for chairs and lounges for morning and afternoon sun; a raised patio is the walking stage and the entrance to the backyard from the house rear sliding door. Mini colonial wall is used to build the walls, steps and light piers, oversized gravel is used to backfill the patio and recycled concrete base is used for the top layer to better seal the holes of the big gravel, sand is installed on top and travertine pavers are laid as the floor of the raised patio to mach the lower pool patio. Nicolock stone ridge paving stones in oyster blend are used for the walkway from the back yard to the front yard and also for the driveway and the walk way to the front door. Granite City borders and inlays are installed to trim the pavement; polymeric sand was used to fill the joints of the paving stones. This sand will petrify and prevent any weeds from growing in between the paving stone spaces. The backyard is graded and ready for seeding and planting, this will be done in the following spring of 2011.

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