Step molds for swimming pool

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Jeff sent me another email trying to figure out what is wrong.Please read his email below and see if this is the form you are talking about.His shop drawing of that form is attached.

Thanks Frank

If I had to guess, I think that the form in the pictureis one of the attached forms for his step that he ordered back in October of 2010. I need to knowthe size of the form and where the holes are located that are off. If he couldtake a picture of a tape measure on the side rail that would help a lot. Ithink this form is 48” long since he wanted to use 48” &12” to make up the 5’ increase in the step width. We need to knowwhether it’s the middle risers (11 ½” tall) or the bottom riser(12” tall). I’m betting it’s the 12” bottom riser andthe holes should be at 3”, 6” & 9”.

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