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Good Morning:

I am writing to inquire about an automatic pool vacuum. Scott is coming tomorrow to do the plumbing on the heater and am thinking that I may just see if you guys can bring the vacuum and just hook it up while he is here for the other stuff so I am done with pool and don’t have to have you return 🙂

Do you think it is needed with the automatic pool cover or is this something you think I should wait on and see?? If you think it’s necessary what model do you suggest and what is the cost please.


Good morning dear Gappsi swimming pool and auto cover owner

I suggest that you wait to buy a pool cleaner
Until you really think you need it. They are always in your way if it is not in the pool it is on the patio and they are very heavy to pool them out of the swimming pool.
To buy a decent one you will spend $1000, what I suggest every one that we install an auto cover, that it is better to hire us to vacuum the pool is you don’t want to do it yourself and I think we charge around $60 per visit, but with the auto cover we might only have to clean the pool the most every 2 weeks and that is abusing cleaning or about 6 times during your pool season. This will total $360.
It will take 3 years to spend the same money that the pool cleaner costs you and after 3 years you might need a new pool cleaner because they break allot.
This is my opinion but if you wait for a little and you fill that you need we can always drop the swimming pool cleaner off.
Regards Giuseppe

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