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What makes Gappsi pools different from most pool companies?
Gappsi is a full service design/build company. So you aren’t limited to the “cookie cutter” pool packages and commonly-seen features you find at most pool companies. Every Gappsi pool is truly customized so that it meets your budget and fulfills your personal desires while seamlessly integrating with your property and your lifestyle. In addition, many people do not have a “vision” of their new pool. If this is the case, Gappsi has the design experience to work closely with you using the latest in 3D design software to create a unique total pool environment that reflects your individual taste. Gappsi pools makes an effort to make purchasing and owning a pool convenient and easy.
Gappsi pool construction specifications exceed industry standards. What does that mean to me?
• Many of the features and construction standards that Gappsi Pools incorporates into your swimming pool project are things you won’t see when your pool is complete. However, they’ll make huge difference in the ease of care, maintenance and the long-term durability of your pool’s structure. Gappsi Pools are built following stringent specifications that exceed industry standards.
We design and construct based on what’s BEST, not on what’s the cheapest.. We also use only the best pool equipment, Plumbing systems that are larger and more flexible so they can be fine-tuned for maximum performance and ease of maintenance.
We are always testing new products, to offer you the newest and best materials and ways to filter and clean your pool. Gappsi Pools was one of the first to offer Chlorine generators (salt system). While, other companies are just starting to offer these, we already have years of experience with them.
Where can I check on a swimming pool builder?
• Check with Consumer affairs of Suffolk County
• Check with the Better Business Bureau
• Check trade associations like the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) and the North East Spa and Pool Association (NESPA) to make sure that they are working proactively within the business community. Companies and individuals that get involved with their industry and community show a level of commitment and duty that will likely show up in their work.
Make sure you check references, but keep in mind that no company is going to give you the name of a customer who will give them a bad reference. Do your homework and consider many factors when selecting a pool contractor. No business is going to be the cheapest, the fastest, the biggest, the best, the most qualified, and provide the best customer service.
Does Gappsi Pools offer financing?
• We work with several lending sources to help you obtain the most competitive rates, regardless of your individual situation.
What is key to a swimming pool that is low in maintenance and high in satisfaction?
• Circulation is key. With proper circulation and hydraulic design, swimming pools can be a breeze to take care of.
Unfortunately, many pool builders lack design and construction training and have a “cookie-cutter pool” mentality. The circulation system on a pool is very hard to repair or change once the project is complete so please pay particular attention to this part of your pool project!
How long will a swimming pool liner last?
• Your liner comes with a 20 year prorated warranty from the liner manufacturer. The actual life of your liner will depend on your water chemistry and other variables.
How long are swimming pools warranties?
• We’ve got you covered. Your pool walls come with a lifetime warranty. Your pump, filter, heater will come with a 3 year warranty. All other accessories are per individual manufacturers’ warranties. Please see your warranty cards for complete details.
What do I do when it is time to close my swimming pool for the winter?
• Every customer that buys a pool receives a free winterizing the first year.
Where can I get a cover for my swimming pool?
• Every pool comes with a standard cover and water tubes. Safety mesh covers are available at an extra cost.
How do I get building permit for a swimming pool?
• You supply us with your tax bill, survey and anything else your particular town may require and we file the necessary papers to secure a permit.
How can I get weekly service for my swimming pool?
. Gappsi Pools does weekly maintenance, or you can call us when ever you need help.
How do I know what type of pool would work in my backyard?
• At Gappsi we have several full time designers on staff. Kevin Anderson, President of Gappsi pools will work closely with the designers to provide you with both the design of your dreams and a swimming pool that meets your needs and desire for energy efficiency and ease of maintenance. With your input and the knowledge and creativity of our team, we’ll put together a pool and equipment package the meets or exceeds your expectations
How big of back yard do I need to get a built in ground swimming pool ?
• We’ve built pools in various shapes and sizes. Pools have ranged from 175 sq ft to almost 2000 sq ft. We can design a project for practically any backyard.
How long does it take to build a swimming pool?
• It is difficult to quote an exact time frame for pool construction. Many factors can affect us including weather delays, complexity of the project, city inspections, etc.

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