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Pool Slides There are many slides available. Simple left or right turn slides come in several popular colors usually cost less than $2000. In that last few years many larger slides that curve and spiral have become available. We can also have any length or shape slide custom made. We have done custom slides as long as 77’ with a vertical drop of more than 16’. Pool Cleaners there are 2 basic types of cleaners, water pressure driven & electric. The water pressure is the most common. Polaris makes several versions of this type of cleaner. Differences between the models are minor. Some do not require the use of a booster pump, some units are gear driven while others are belt driven, how many Gallons per minute of water they flow, and how much debris they can carry. The better units have their own booster pump and are gear driven, actually the newest Polaris 3900 is chain driven. The electric cleaners are more expensive, heavier units. They work faster and better than the water pressure units. They are not always as convenient though. Because of their weight and the long cord that can get tangled. An example of this type of cleaner is the Polaris 9300.
Pool Pumps and Filters More is not better when dealing with pool pumps. Pool pumps need to be properly sized to the flow of the pool. The Jandy pumps we use today combined with larger diameter pipes are capable of flowing nearly twice the water of the typical pump from 10 years ago. All that increased water flow is done using the same Horsepower. Many companies sell their poorly designed pumps with more Horsepower and promote it as a good thing. In reality you are just using more electric to move the same amount of water.There are three types of filters, Sand, Diatomaceous Earth & Cartridge. We prefer the D.E., again the modern D.E. Filter is so easy to using requiring very little backwashing if properly sized. Heaters Electric Heat pumps, Natural Gas, & propane are the most common types of heaters. The electric heat pump has become the most popular unit sold in the last few years. A quality heat pump used properly is unmatched in efficiency. Natural gas heaters for some customers do make sense, but usually only for pools that the heat will not be maintained.

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