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Building swimming pools is a complicate task, because it involves filing building permits and get inspections during the construction stages of the swimming pool.
To build a quality swimming pool it takes lots of experience and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tools. Gappsi has the right experienced personal to delivery and to provide weekly maintenance and comical supplies that you can find at our store. Building the swimming pool is only the first stage of the project, to complete a quality project it takes much more knowledge as far as paving materials available. From concrete paving stones to natural limestone, granite and travertine pavers and wall veneers and copings. At the Gappsi showroom you will be able to find the most beautiful domestic and imported natural stones.
Further more the landscaping and outdoor lighting to complete the backyard require much more knowledge of planting materials, our landscape team can create the most elegant and natural setting of waterscape and landscape settings. Or if you like to add a hut tub spa along with a gazebo Gappsi line of hut tub Catalina spas offers top quality spas for any taste stiles and budgets. Or if a custom built wood or Ezek pergola or deck Gappsi carpentry division can provide this services along with all home improvements from window replacement and siding , to extensions and dormers , to full remodeled and new kitchens and bathrooms, to all tiles installations and supplies to specialty stucco work for exterior and interior venetian plasters and panting. Gappsi can provide all home improvements for more information please contact Gappsi at 631 543 1177.

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