Swimming pool cork Hard bottom & Liner Installation By gappsi

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Liner installation:

Gappsi liner installation process starts with compaction and preparation of the inside pool ground.
A base material is installed on the floor before the liner gets installed in the swimming pool.
There are 3 types of base material used to complete the pool bottom:

The first way is clean sand, leveled and compacted. This is the fastest and least expensive way to prepare and finish the pool bottom. It is also the most unstable due to the lack of hardener, the sand will always be loose under the liner and footprints will always be visible while using the pool during the pool season.

The second way is with vermiculite, this is a premixed material that has cork in it. This is believed to stabilize the pool bottom but Gappsi is not a believer of this product because once the cork material is in contact with the ground and covered by the pool liner it will not ventilate thus growing mildew.

Last is Gappsi’s hard bottom pool floor, the preparation consists of a dry mix of clean fine sand mixed with cement in a 70/30 ratio. This is hand troweled to a smooth finish by Gappsi professional concrete finishers. This allows the liner to be laid for a comfortable and smooth swimming pool floor that will harden creating a one piece solid pool bottom.
Pool walls and pool steps get ¼ inch foam pad to allow swimming pool liner to stretch to a perfect fit with pool walls.

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