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Giuseppe and the whole Gappsi Family,

It’s been about a month since the latest phase of our pool project has been completed and I can truly say that you’ve given us the backyard paradise we have always dreamed of. The transformation began on the very first day that Giuseppe came to our home. He envisioned a project that we could not fathom would turn out even close to what it did. Kevin started the project with the inground pool. He outlined a beautiful free form flowing design to give us the desired mountain lake look. The project began last October and by Thanksgiving (as promised) the pool was already being filled with water. The pool actually measured out slightly bigger than we planned on because Kevin thought it flowed better with the way our backyard did. Unfortunately we would have to wait until the warm weather would come until we could actually use it, but the project was well underway. That being said, the craftsmanship of the pool was exceptional. We liked the idea of concrete walls for several reasons and are glad we went the way we did. We added a bench which was a great idea.

We then met with Rolando to help orchestrate the next phase of patio and landscape design. Honestly, this is the part we were most excited about. Although I’ve always dreamed of having an inground pool, to be completely honest the pool pricing was similar amongst the four or so places we received quotes from. We knew we loved the stone work at Gappsi’s shop and in the many pictures of their finished work and that was what solidified the deal for us. Rolando described a rock retaining wall which for the life of me I could not picture. Rolando convinced me it would like great and man was he dead on. After reviewing the plan several times with him (especially the waterfall portion that I continually emphasized my wish for a two tier split design) I told Rolando that I was trusting him to turn his vision into reality. Well, our backyard was his canvas and he didn’t disappoint. The waterfall was even more massive than I imagined and the retaining wall looks beautiful.

Mel, the patio guy and his crew worked very hard for the next phase of the project. They worked very long twelve hour days and even came on Saturdays! They were dedicated and cared about their work, doing little extras here and there because it looked good…and didn’t even try to ask for more money for doing so, I mean who does that? Nobody except for Gappsi! Listen to Giuseppe – he knows what he is talking about. Example – he suggested the Travertine tile…almost insisted on it and it is gorgeous. The best part is that we live in a cul de sac where about five of our close neighbors have inground pools, but nobody has the type of stone that we have. It looks like marble. It is beautiful. The feel of marble but with a very natural look. It’s like being back in Italy. Simply brilliant idea from Giuseppe. It makes our yard stand out from every other.

Well the one thing Gappsi couldn’t do was deliver the sunshine, but as soon as mother nature did her part, me and the kids were in the pool swimming under the waterfall and enjoying the paradise we always wanted. You can’t beat having a vacation right in your own backyard everyday of the week! It is awesome!

Thank you, Gappsi so much for this fantastic journey. Words can’t describe how truly beautiful this project turned out. I will continue to call Gappsi first in the future for any needs we have and I would highly recommend that everyone else do the same. Take it from me. I actually work for a contractor that specializes in a different trade, but being in the business I understand where things could possibly go wrong. Gappsi stands behind their work and does a great job…the first time!

I’d like to also give a special shout out to Scott. Once the pool is in, Scott is the one who came and cleaned it and taught us the ins and outs of the filtration system, etc. He is very patient, shows up when he says he will, and is extremely nice and helpful. Thanks Scott!

And thank you to all at Gappsi,

-Anthony and Melissa Biamonte

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