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by Scott Search
Scott Search was born to be a Gappsi pear leader for our swimming pool maintenance and permits filing division, in the majestic St Catherine’s Hospital in Smithtown on October 24th 1984 at 7:18am. Just 8 years earlier, to the day, his sister was born in that same hospital. At the ripe old age of 16 he began his career as a pool specialist but was able to continue his studies at Patchogue Medford High School. In the summer of 2003 he graduated top of his class (well almost). However college was not for him and he decided to go full throttle into the pool world, learning all he could about all aspects of pool construction and maintenance. Before he knew it 8 years flew by in a haze of hot summer days and chlorine buckets. Now his construction years all long behind him while he concentrates on customer service and pool maintenance. The customer is always greeted by Scott with a friendly phone call during the permit process to gather all important information. Then before you know it, the pool is done and ready to be started up and made ready for swimming. This is when, like the shining light of the early dawn Scott shows up, always smiling, with the patience and know-how to help you the customer get to know there pool inside and out. Listen, the summer is short and maybe you don’t want to be out there cleaning and maintaining you pool every week. Well then have no fear because Scott and his expertly trained staff are there for weekly maintenance. Like something out of a science fiction thriller we are there cleaning, scrubbing and checking all levels of salt and sanitizer to make your pool ready for the weekend ahead. With Scott’s Tec 1 experience under his belt there is no problem he can’t handle. But hey you have to face the facts that summer does not last forever and it will be time to close the pool down and get ready for the cold winter ahead. Who would you trust with a job so important? Who else! Scott will schedule a pool closing for you at your convenience and make sure your pool is ready for the harsh winter ahead. Making sure all equipment is taken apart and drained of water. Making sure pool cover is on the pool and tight. Putting pool equipment wherever you want be it shed, garage or basement. Do you have a question?? Scott’s friendly smile and pleasant smell make him the ideal person to get any and all pool advice from. Remember winter does not last forever and before you know it you will be itching to get back outside. Your buddy Scott will call to schedule a day and time for you. He has to intimate knowledge of your pool and it’s needs and will be able to advise you on specific issues before we even show up! Who else could do that for you? No one, that’s who! If you choose anyone else but Scott to summarize your pool you may find yourself staring at a green pool and a leaky pump well into July. An employee like Scott is a one in a million and having him as your pool specialist is like winning the lotto. Having someone else do it well…..hey you never know. Trusting, knowledgeable, helpful, handsome, and caring are just some of the terms used to describe him, and over the years with us you may find he gets into your heart and all your days will be warmer because of it. Thank you and good day.

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