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So here are my pool questions for the season :-):

I need to schedule for you guys to come back and cut my skimmers open and show me how to use this pool and all that fun stuff since it was so late in the year and we never did it? Is their someone I speak to directly for this to schedule or just call the office?
When they come I will need them to bring the cap inserts for the handrails in the patio.
When the guys were here installing the pool and the patio they indicated that someone will clean the pool at the beginning of the season because they want to make sure that there is no cement debris in there from the patio. Do they do this when they cut the skimmers open?? Their are so many leaves stuck at the bottom and the stairs are stained with leave marks from the pool cover going on so late 🙂
We ended up purchasing a Jandy heater online (much cheaper 🙂 and was hoping your guys could do the plumbing on it.. If so, what would the cost be and who do I speak to, to schedule this?
Hope all is well!! Mario and his crew are doing a beautiful job on the driveway…

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