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BY Giuseppe Abbrancati
Many residences on the south shore of Long Island and many areas close to lakes are more likely to have a high water table, which could create challenging situations for the construction of swimming pools. Most of the time a dewatering system must be created below the entire swimming pool -a dewatering system is built by overcutting the pool hole in with and depth- to allow for a piping system to be installed to collect all the water into a holding tank. A pipe is then installed from the holding tank to the outside of the swimming pool, then a pump is connected to this pipe and water is pumped out and away. Oversized gravel is later installed to cover the pipes of the dewatering system, and also this gravel will keep the bottom of the swimming pool dry allowing the pool walls to be constructed. Only after the construction of the pool, the installation of the pool liner, and after the swimming pool is completely full of water, the pump from the dewatering system is then disconnected because it is no longer necessary to remove more water. The access pipe of the dewatering system is caped and left accessible for future use of pumping the water in case for the need of replacing the pool liner or for any other repairs and situations where the swimming pool water has to be lowered.

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