Swimming Pools Built On Pilings over unstable ground-soil long island

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By Kevin Anderson

Gappsi was contracted to build a 18 x 25 x 42 free form pool using the Gappsi Concrete wall system.
In mount Sinai long island New York.

This particular job was made difficult because the yard turned out to be filled. It seems that when the builder built this house for whatever reason the backyard was excavated and then replaced with fill.

When we started digging for the pool, we dug down several feet and instead of finding solid ground we found “jello”. When you walked on it the ground around would move up and down it was similar to walking on a water mattress. Apparently a Clay layer below was trapping the water and the fill had become permanent mud.

We had to dig out the unstable soil and then replace the excavated hole with recycled concrete tamped in layers to provide a new stable solid surface to build the new pool on. Also we installed 1’ diameter piers that went as far as 10’ below the pool to solid ground every 3’ to support the pool. This became an incredible job itself.

Once construction started on the pool the job went very smooth. The customer was lucky to have hired Gappsi because many contractors would have just built the pool over the unstable ground. There would be settling and damage to the pool within a few years. It was not easy to tell the customer what needed to be done. And we tried to talk them into moving the pool into a different part of the yard. But the Customer wanted the pool in this location, so we needed to do the piers and excavation to insure a trouble free pool.

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