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The Watermatic D-1 and D-6L are exclusive dry chlorine feeder systems with an electronic controller that provides an ORP and pH readout to assure ideal sanitizing levels using granular dichlor. The system will adjust chlorination levels automatically in response to a variety of changing conditions. Exact dosing ensures bather protection and reduces costs.
Two systems available:
Watermatic D-1; includes a C1500 electronic controller and a G1000 dichlor feeder. Reads chlorine and pH level, feeds chlorine automatically.
Watermatic D-6L; includes a C2000 ORP/pH controller, a G-1000 dichlor feeder, and a 3-310 peristaltic acid pump. All of the benefits of the D-1, but also feeds liquid acid.
• Clean, clear, safe swimming pool water seven days a week
• Ideal for commercial spas; keeps up with demand
• Efficient use of chemicals
• Easy to install, operate and maintain
Technical Details
• Dissolves quickly with no residue
• No scaling or cloudy water
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Model Description
D-1 Dichlor Granular Feeder System
D-6L Dichlor Granular Feeder/Liquid Acid Feeder System

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