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Where can i buy quality travertine or natural stones on long island?
At the Gappsi showroom in Smithtown long island we have a complete selection of premium natural stones pavers, stones veneers and tiles.

Is Gappsi travertine and natural stones of good quality?
Gappsi imports only select materials and most of our products are exclusive. and designed by Gappsi.

What is the warranty on Gappsi travertine and natural stones?
Travertine, limestone and granite are natural stones and been around for as long as the earth itself Mother Nature herself warranties the products. But not the installation. That is when Gappsi guaranty comes in to play.

How do you install natural stones like: travertine, limestone and granite?
There are many ways of installing these products because it depends on the application if it is indoor or outdoor. The best way to do it and or learn about it,
Is by contacting a professional and let him analyze your project and advise you
Gappsi provides installation for all our products.

Is it better if I hire a professional install my natural stones like: travertine, limestone and granite tiles and pavers?
Yes it is definitely better to have a professional installer to do the installation because the prices are very competitive and you would spend more time trying to figure out what to do, unless you are an installer yourself.
Natural stones like: travertine, limestone and granite?

What are the advantages of using Gappsi to install my natural stones, travertine, limestone, granite and all the other services they provide?

Buying and selling any kind of products is only a transition of money and products
It can be mass-produced and if something goes wrong with the product it can be very easily replaced. But, warranty on the product does not cover the installation which is 3 times the cost of the products and goods and it could be very frustrating to replace an entire bathroom, a driveway or a patio when you buy the product from the person that installs it that is a true guaranty because you only have one person or one company to deal with, because if you have a problem with the stones you bought you will have a nightmare of a problem to deal with a contractor and the suppliers separately because the supplier will blame the installer for bad installation and the use of the wrong supplies and the installer will blame the supplier for the product for bad materials.

expensive business Buying Travertine-limestone-granite-pavers-tiles-natural stone at Gappsi

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