Turkish Travertine: pavers, Slabs, tiles, veneers, mosaics, colors …..

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By Azime Yildirim özbudak and Giuseppe Abbrancati

Turkey has the largest producer of travertine products in the world. Turkish territory happened to be naturally reached of calcium and lime which generated the formation of various colors of travertine quarries. Turkish travertine is of the highest quality, it is structurally very strong due to its very dens body formation. There are many active travertine quarries in turkey and the are all of high capacity of production. Because of their high density and first quality, Turkish travertine can be used for interiors and exteriors application it is not affected by weather conditions and the elements. It is freeze though compatible and due to its first quality it can be finished with different surface process such as vein cut,tumbled, brushed, honed, polished, split, bush hammered, sandblasted etc… Travertine is a very versatile rock it can be cut in many sizes and shapes it is used for paving materials, most common sizes of travertine are 6×12, 6×9 and random mixed sizes also known as French patters. The most characteristic part of travertine besides the beautiful colors veins and wave variations are the holes that are part of the formation of the travertine rock left by fossils that got trapped and covered in the process. Turkish travertine’s stay in its original form forever because of its endurance and antiqued look it is used for tables and benches carved garden and house ornaments, such as flower pots, urns statues or just a simple slab used as a painting for its colors waves and unique pattern or crystallized look. Turkish travertine is widely used for indoor tiles, for bathroom walls and floors as well as kitchens floors backsplash and countertops. Its rustic appearance has earned travertine the reputation of soft and warm looking stone that is admired and requested by many all around the world .it is liked by consumers, home owners, and suggested by architects to all commercial and industrial applications such as lobbies floors of building and hotel facades in high end resorts, municipals and touristic places and cities. Turkish travertine is also used for product such as split face veneers this is produced by simple splitting the travertine rock and exposing its natural formation revealing millions of years of a natural beauty creation. Turkish travertine is also used and cut for steps, block steps, risers, cubes, counter tops, moldings and mosaics. Nonetheless ,Turkish travertine naturally comes in many colors such as red , white , beige , noce , golden , silver , blue, yellow , brown as well as many blends of color formation making Turkish travertine the best of all the world natural stone types and suppliers Requested from everyone that loves natural stones . And imported by gappsi for long island NY USA.

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