Unilock vs. Cambridge-Unilock or Cambridge pavers long island Gappsi

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kidney shaped swimming pools  LONG ISLAND

kidney shaped swimming pools LONG ISLAND

court yard  circular driveways LONG ISLAND

court yard circular driveways LONG ISLAND

by Giuseppe Abbrancati
This is a very common question for Avery home owner that is looking to get a patio or a driveway done with paving stones. And as you start to get estimates, contractors will also suggest to what manufacture to use and every one has a favorite. But the truth is that there is no difference as far as quality because both manufactures do exactly the same thing that all the other 1300 manufactures in the USA do, and that is mold concrete in to shapes. There is no secretes in this industry. All you have to do is like what you see and that is what you choose
Not the name of the manufactures. In the 2 pictures that you see in this blog if you can tell witch is one or the other Gappsi will give you 5% discount on your project.

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