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automatically monitor and maintain the chemical balance in swimming pools and spas.
Designed for easy installation and operation, they can be used with liquid feed pumps, granular and tablet erosion feeders, ozone generators, and salt chlorinators.
During the filtration cycle, the controller maintains sanitizer levels and pH balance by constantly measuring the Oxidation- Reduction-Potential (ORP) and pH balance of the water. If the sanitizer level (ORP) or pH falls below a predetermined set point, the controller activates the chemical feeder.
• Precision chemical dosing, alleviating the highs and lows caused by organic contaminates and overfeeding.
• Check water balance status, change current settings or start manual feed cycles from the convenience of the controller.
• Save time and money, and protect your equipment investment.
Technical Details
• Control salt water chlorinators, granular feeders, liquid feed pumps and ozone generators
• Constant monitoring avoids chemical highs and lows
• Saves wear and tear on salt chlorine generator cells by engaging cell only when chlorine is needed
• Multiple feed time and feed delay options
• Optional Peristaltic pump for dosing
• Models
• Downloads
Model Description
C2000 ORP and pH Controller With Flow Cell/Flow Switch, Polaris®
C1500 ORP or pH Controller, Polaris
C660 ORP/pH Digital Controller With Flow Cell/Flow Switch, 120V, Polaris

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