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By Giuseppe Abbrancati

Gappsi newest interest is Porphyry stones .Porphyry stones are mined in many parts of the world the northern part of Italy is very reach of very colorful porphyry stone. Porphyry is a natural multi colored stone.  Porphyry colors can vary when you look  at a pallet  keep in mind that the colors variations are  from shades of red ,pink gray brown and rust  orange white speckle  the finish of the porphyry pavers is usually a natural cleft .Porphyry is generally used for  pavers and tiles , Flagging and coble cubes . porphyry stones are widely used for city streets in historical sites just to add to the already constructed 1000 years old pavements .porphyry stone are very hard and durable to wear and weathering because it is a type of igneous rock that means that it has a large percentage of crystals, quartz, feldspar in large a small particles this combination create an extremely hard mater stronger then granite. Porphyry stones are use in high trafficked areas without showing any signs of wear or color changing for centuries. Porphyry stones are very expensive due to their hardness it is very expensive to manufacture them thus making the cost of the finished product not a product for everyone  please contact gappsi for further information’s  our newest addition of porphyry paver will be displayed in gappsi showroom on January first 2011, or visit our website at www.Gappsi.com

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