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set the benchmark for large cartridge filtration.

Our filter design takes advantage of the filter’s total surface area, providing you with the clearest possible water and extended cleaning cycles. Enjoy the clear sparkling water of your pool and spa while the CV filter is working for you. We offer a choice of 340, 460, and 580 square foot models.
The new CV filter is designed to work more efficiently with other Zodiac products by incorporating the Versa Plumb® system. This filter is equipped for high flow rates and optimum hydraulic performance. CV large cartridge filters are constructed of durable, corrosion resistant, heavy duty high-tech polymeric materials for long-lasting performance.
Zodiac’s large cartridge filters are technologically advanced and filled with many user-friendly features.
• The CV Filter is designed with the inlet and outlet ports on the same level for improved hydraulic efficiency. Using the included Zodiac Sweep Elbow, the filter easily connects to a Zodiac pump making installation simple.
• The Zodiac Large Cartridge Filters feature comfortable, easy grip handles designed to make filter installation and cleaning easy.
• Optional anchor brackets easily attach to the filter tank and mount to the pad to hold the filter securely in place. These brackets are sold separately as an accessory.
Technical Details
• Designed with Zodiac’s exclusive Versa Plumb system to easily connect with other Zodiac products
• Extra-large 2″ drain port allows for easy cleaning of debris
• Clean/Dirty indicator on pressure gauge
• Heavy duty, anti-corrosion tank clamp and easy grip handles
• Corrosion and UV resistant, high impact extra large tank
• Includes 2″ x 2 1/2″ universal unions
• Includes a Sweep Elbow (SEFL1002) to easily connect with the pump
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Model Description
CV340 Jandy Large Cartridge Versa Plumb Filter, 340 sq. ft.
CV460 Jandy Large Cartridge Versa Plumb Filter, 460 sq. ft.
CV580 Jandy Large Cartridge Versa Plumb Filter, 580 sq. ft.
Feature CV340 CV460 CV580
Filter Area 340 ft.2 460 ft.2 580 ft.2
Design Flow Rate .37 gpm/ft.2 .33 gpm/ft.2 .26 gpm/ft.2
Maximum Flow 127 gpm 150 gpm 150 gpm
Six(6) Hour Capacity 45,720 gallons 54,000 gallons 54,000 gallons
Eight(8) Hour Capacity 60,960 gallons 72,000 gallons 72,000 gallons
Max. Working Pressure 50 psi 50 psi 50 psi
Cartridges Required 4 (85ft2 each) 4 (115ft2 each) 4 (145ft2 each)
Shipping Weight 106 lbs 106 lbs 112 lbs
Height (“A”) 41 inches 41 inches 47 inches
Footprint 25″ diameter circle 25″ diameter circle 25″ diameter circle

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